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The vibrators sex toys range from traditional vibrators to new soft jelly finish penetrating pleasures...

The vibrators sex toys range from traditional vibrators to new soft jelly finish penetrating pleasures vibrators that feel out of this world and are bound to raise any temprature, have a look at our whisper quiet vibrators, the most popular sextoys this year.



  • Whisper Quiet Vibrators

    Whisper Quiet Silent Vibrators are a must if you have thin walls, or a busy home, or maybe want to use your sex toy in a more public place !! Silent vibrators are now a reality, with powerful new motors they no longer go BUZZZ in the night. Take a look in the remote control sex toys section, all our remote control sex toys are whisper quiet.

  • Realistic Vibrators

    Realistic vibrators cum in all shapes, colours and sizes, just like the real thing. With the new materials such as silicone realistic vibrator sex toys now feel just as realistic as they look.

  • Vibrators with a Difference

    Vibrators with a difference, these are vibrators with unique features that add to your pleasure.

  • G-Spot Vibrators

    G-Spot Vibrators, these vibrators are specifically designed to hit the spot, the vibrators find and stimulate the G-Spot for that orgasmic sensation.

  • Vibrators Penis formed

    Vibrators that ressemble the form of a willy, although the dimensions may not be too realistic, and these vibrators have a wider selection of colours for you to choose from.

  • Vibrators Combi-stim

    Vibrators - combi stims, the new breed of vibrators stimulate more than one area at once, like the Rabbit vibrators with built-in clit stimulator, why settle for one stimulation when you can have two?

  • Waterproof Vibrators

    Waterproof Vibrators, you can use these vibrators in the bath or shower for added enjoyment and pleasure, what could be more relaxing than a bubblejet spa bath and your favourite waterproof vibrator?

  • Compact Micro Vibrators

    Compact Micro Vibrators, small but mind blowingly powerful vibrators !! They are small enough to be carried in your purse or pocket, so you can take these vibrators and use them anywhere!

  • Vibrators Slick and Smooth

    A vast As well as the traditional vibrators you will find the latest in design, colour and finish, including silent vibrators, glow in the dark vibrators and waterproof vibrators, most have batteries  array of Vibrators - slick and smooth, for ladies who like ridged vibrators. Most ridge vibrators are extremely powerful vibrators.included.