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ID Lubricants

ID Lubricants have been the number one selling sensual lubricant in America since 1995. Now available...

ID Lubricants have been the number one selling sensual lubricant in America since 1995. Now available in top outlets and saunas in the UK, you too can enjoy the long-lasting, never sticky formula that makes foreplay fantastic fun and sex sensationally Smoooooth.



  • ID Glide

    Formulated from the highest quality ingredients, doctor recommended I-D Glide Sensual Lubricant is designed specifically to enhance the pleasure of intimacy. Clear, Non-staining, odourless and water-based, I-D Glide is silky smooth, ultra long lasting, latex compatible and nonoxynol-9 free.

  • ID Pleasure

    Designed to stimulate arousal, ID Pleasure Sensual Lubricant, combines the sensation enhancing ingredient L-Arginine with I-D Glide's premium formula. Clear, odourless and water-based, I-D Pleasure, is silky smooth, ultra long lasting and latex compatible. Maximize your experience by adding Pleasure to your life!

     What is Arginine? 

    Arginine (sometimes called L-Arginine) is a naturally occurring amino acid that produces the nitric oxide that controls the blood flow to the genital area in order to stimulate arousal. Arginine is a vitally important amino acid that has been studied for more than fifty years. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, and protein is the building block of all living cells. Arginine causes the body to release vital hormones, stimulate sexuality, increase lean muscle mass and burn fat. It lowers cholesterol, boosts the immune system and speeds recovery from surgery and injury. Arginine increases sexual potency and helps to reverse Atherosclerosis.

  • ID Juicy Lubes - flavoured lubricant

    ID Juicy Lubes - flavoured lubricant The World's Best Selling Flavoured Lubricants coming to you in twelve funtastic flavours. Containing no sugars or dyes, Juicy Lube's clear, non-staining formula is water-based, long lasting and latex compatible, making it ideal for foreplay, oral sex and intercourse.

  • ID Millennium Moisturizing Lubricant

    Guaranteed never sticky, ID Millennium Moisturizing Lubricant represents the highest quality pure silicone lubricant manufactured in the United States. It never dries and never loses slip, even under water. This super concentrated, clear, odourless formula is latex compatible and washes off easily with soap and warm water. Experience the premium quality and superior performance of I-D Millennium; it's truly amazing!

  • ID Cream Lubricant - masturbation cream

    ID Cream - best masturbation cream in UK.  Containing only premium pharmaceutical grade oils, I-D Cream Lubricant is designed specifically for men to enhance the pleasure of masturbation. Clean, long lasting, odourless and never sticky, I-D Cream is oil-based and NOT compatible with condoms. Packaged in stylish compact tubes, I-D Cream provides a sanitary alternative to messy jars and puts satisfaction in the palm of your hand.